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I was intrigued enough by the ads on the T and a brief description of the new Fox series "Fringe" to watch the 90-minute pilot. The concept was certainly nothing novel; my roommate was continually reminded of X-Files. The FBI. The paranormal. Near the end, one of the characters even said, "The truth is ..." Well, I won't spoil it. The visual effects looked fun!

It was not, as I expected from the description, a stand-alone, encapsulated episode! A network series that doesn't end with a cliff-hanger to make you tune in next week. At least not so much as I had suspected or hoped. I thought: a weekly episode, each with unique characters, a different plot, possibly even various genres, linked mainly by a common theme. It appears, however, that the characters and situation we were introduced to tonight will return again next week to continue their psuedo-science experimentations.

This NY Times article summarizes it nicely.

Countdown for Movie Fans

This looks like a cool idea (though my computer can't seem to load it properly)!