Cultural tidbits and such



1. Get a library job.
This may take semi-drastic steps, like leaving the Boston area.

2. Declutter my life and my space.
Self-explanatory. Try to get through and eliminate a lot of the magazine and paper junk that has accumulated in my surroundings.



Anyone still follow this thing I have ignored for 2 years? Well, Happy New Year!! I think one of my resolutions will be to start up this blog again...


Too Wacky Not to Share



My picture of the Rookery Building in Chicago was used in a Schmap guide!!

Check it out!


Movie Updates

So many numbers and facts! I thought I followed pretty well and it made me want to do something.. but what? 3.5 cats

This film requires a lot of attention. Not much is said, which means missing a couple words from the subtitles is more critical. I kept hoping for (or perhaps missing) clues about how the characters were related or how they felt about each other. My interpretation of some glances or silence led me to different conclusions than others. 3 cats

He was certainly a character. I was not fully focused on the film; I was actually doing my own creative project! I enjoyed seeing his costumes and hearing about his theories from people that he worked with and close friends and family. 4 cats



I was intrigued enough by the ads on the T and a brief description of the new Fox series "Fringe" to watch the 90-minute pilot. The concept was certainly nothing novel; my roommate was continually reminded of X-Files. The FBI. The paranormal. Near the end, one of the characters even said, "The truth is ..." Well, I won't spoil it. The visual effects looked fun!

It was not, as I expected from the description, a stand-alone, encapsulated episode! A network series that doesn't end with a cliff-hanger to make you tune in next week. At least not so much as I had suspected or hoped. I thought: a weekly episode, each with unique characters, a different plot, possibly even various genres, linked mainly by a common theme. It appears, however, that the characters and situation we were introduced to tonight will return again next week to continue their psuedo-science experimentations.

This NY Times article summarizes it nicely.

Countdown for Movie Fans

This looks like a cool idea (though my computer can't seem to load it properly)!



I have my first REAL pet that's ALL mine! It's a guinea pig and his name is Oreo : )

I got him on Saturday from a friend of someone at the Tufts Vet School. The family has a new baby and the father, a new job, not to mention a few other children and a small dog. They wanted someone who could give it more attention.

So far, he is adorable and a little bit skittish. Though he seems to be relaxing more, as long as I don't try to pick him up. I've had him out a fair amount, in my lap or on the couch next to me, but have not let him wander around yet.

In the picture, you can see part of his "igloo," for hiding, in the foreground. Soon I plan to make a trip to Petco to purchase more toys/entertainment and supplies to improve piggie's quality of life and portability!